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We Have Moved!!

That time has arrived, and we  are leaving our current wordpress address  to a new self hosted website TechNews Report at We have had success and good times here, but it is time to move on. Our decision to move was inspired by our need to exercise more control over the site and to […]

Leveraging Email To Grow Your Social Media Connections

By Whether you’re looking to grow your social media connections for job search purposes – or for some entirely different goal – today’s article will show you how you can leverage the email interactions you have on a day to day basis to achieve this. For the candidates amongst you, we’ll also show you […]

Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover? 8 Mobile Optimization Tips To Improve Your Site’s UX

By Kissmetrics: The world is rapidly going mobile, and if you haven’t already built a mobile version of your website yet, then your competition will gladly take care of this part for you…by taking your mobile visitors away from you. Here’s a great example of how a “mobile makeover” can drastically change the experience for […]

Facebook’s New Evil Plan to Grab New Users

By Roman Sahakov, Followershop: It turns out that Facebook, through being considered the most visited social networking site ever, is still in need of new and new users. When you register on Facebook and make friends with the other users, get invitations to visit their Facebook like pages, get messages on your phone, it’s normal. […]

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to upcoming Apple patent infringement suit

By Mikey Campbell, Apple Insider: Samsung on Monday officially added the iPhone 5 to a lawsuit scheduled to be heard in 2014, making good on a promise to level claims against the handset for allegedly infringing upon certain wireless technology patents held by the Korean company. The complaint was added to Apple’s Galaxy Nexus case […]

Forget Apple: 20 Places Where Technology Of The Future Is Actually Invented

By Katie Lepi , Edudemic: There’s more to technology than whatever the folks from Cupertino announce. Smaller dock connectors and a bigger screen are not game-changing pieces of technology that will affect your life in 20 years. But the Large Hadron Collider, the ability to grow vegetables anywhere (even space!), to the ability to grow […]

Five Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media

By Quinton O’Reilly, Simply Zesty: For any brand page, the question of getting more fans or followers will come up sooner or later. While there are underhanded ways of obtaining followers (paying for fake followers is the main methodalthough we strongly advise against it for obvious reasons), the best way is to make your page […]