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A Guide to Creating Shareable Content to Boost Your Search Rankings: 3Simple Tips

By Yasir Khan,  Quantum SEO Labs: It is confirmed that social media impacts search ranking. SEO experts are now looking more keenly at different strategies to maximize the impact of social media on SEO. And content being shared via social media is emerging as a very strong social signal for SEO. When you look at […]

Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

By Dave Davies, Search Engine Watch: Every SEO professional reading this who’s had more than one client has undoubtedly been faced with the following statement, “I know you got my rankings up, but when do you expect to see my PageRank increase?” There are many replies that quickly race through the head from the slightly […]

Facebook SEO and BeastRank: 12 Potential Ranking Factors for the Upcoming Facebook Search Engine

By Glenn Gabe, Search Engine Journal: We all know it’s coming.  Actually, many of us in digital marketing are surprised it’s taken so long. I’m referring to a real Facebook search engine, which has the potential to turn the search industry upside down. Mark Zuckerberg explained at Disrupt a few weeks ago that Facebook will tackle […]

The Wrong Way to Build External Links for SEO

By Social Media Marketing: Anyone who’s worked on search engine optimization (SEO) for any length of time understands the importance of building relevant external links to a website. But whether you do choose to SEO internally, outsource it domestically, or offshore the effort, it’s important to get this process right. If you’re doing it internally, […]

Achieve A High Rank With These High Ranking Guidelines

By Business Software Management: Search engine optimization will assist get your web site located by search engines and therefore by prospective readers. It is also a large organization. Self-styled Search engine marketing gurus will attempt and make it sounds like ordinary folks couldn’t hope to master Search engine optimization. See for oneself!There are these that […]

A Crystal Clear Explanation of How Social Media Influences SEO

By Meghan Keaney Anderson, Hubspot Blog: In the history of search engine optimization the rank of a piece of content in search engine results has typically come down to two key drivers: relevancy and authority. Relevancy is all about using the right keywords in your headlines, sub-headlines and anchor text to match what people are searching […]

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Navigation

By Stoney deGeyter, Search Engine Land: Just about every website has some form of navigation. Unfortunately, not every website’s navigation is good. Most of the time, a website’s navigation is put together by Web designers who know a lot about making pretty websites, but very little about marketing a website or creating a website built […]