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YouTube debuts video translator for 300 languages

By Dara Kerr CNet News: With 70 percent of its global audience living outside of the U.S., the video hosting platform introduces a new tool to make caption translations easier for video makers. YouTube is looking to help video makers grow their global audience. Google’s video hosting platform announced today that videos can now be […]

Entire Philippine island disappears in iOS6 map glitch

By GMA News: Not even the Philippines was spared from glitches in the supposedly updated Maps for iOS 6, Apple Inc.’s newest operating system for mobile devices. In iOS 6 Maps, the entire Leyte province in Eastern Visayas —a whole island seven times bigger than Manhattan Island in the US— tends to disappear and split […]

Commander of the Apps, Except the One for Guilt

By Jenna Wortham, the New York Times: IN San Francisco recently, I was running late for a meeting, desperate for a ride. But no buses or cabs were in sight. Then I remembered a service called Lyft. I pulled out my smartphone and quickly downloaded the application, which lets regular people act as chauffeurs for […]

SEO, Social and Content Marketing in Top Demand

By Finchannel: In an age where paying top dollar for online visibility can only get brands so far, maintaining a strong, diverse web presence is an intense focus for many marketers. More specifically, areas such as traditional and local search engine optimization (SEO), social media and content marketing saw the greatest increase in marketing demand […]

Apple Maps Errors Send Japanese to Homegrown App

By Hiroko Tabuchi, The New York Times: When Hikarie, Tokyo’s new must-visit shopping destination, opened in April, it was already old news on Mapion’s map application. An elite team at the company, which is based here, had marked the glass tower a year earlier, keeping the service a step ahead in this fast-changing city. Mapion […]

Apple’s iPhone Update Leaves Out Google’s Maps

By Brian X. Chen and Nick Wingfield, The New York Times: Millions of iPhone customers may soon find themselves losing touch with an old friend: Google’s maps. On Wednesday, Apple released a software update for the iPhone that, among other changes, replaces the Google maps that have been on the phone since 2007 with Apple’s […]

Apple to release iOS 6 on Wednesday; here are features we like

By Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angelses Times: Apple is set to release its latest operating system, iOS 6, on Wednesday, just a few days before the launch of the iPhone 5. Here are a few of its best features and why Apple users may want to update their devices. Siri for new iPad (third generation) and […]