19 Social Media How-To’s: The Stuff You Need to Know About Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

By Carla Young, Momeo:

There’s a lot to know and do with your social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (and lucky us, that’s always changing). Below is a list of the most common and/or useful things you need to know how to do on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, from revoking authorization to adding extra password security.

Revoke Authorization

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all use an authentication process to grant access to third-party apps. It’s a way for you as a user to access different tools, but it also means that those applications have the ability to control your accounts .

It’s a good idea every now and then to review the apps you have given access to. Often we grant access to apps that we no longer use. Before that access turns into a security problem, revoke access directly from your account.

#1: Revoke App Authorization on Facebook

Click on the APPS list in your Left Column… Read more


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