Trend Alert: The Next Big Thing in Social Media is Visual

By Krista Neher , Clickz:

Images are one of the biggest trends of social media for 2012. While we often talk about the sites that are trending and the “next big thing” of social media, we seem to forget about the broader trends that have implications to our current and future strategies.

Images are the hottest thing is social media right now. Visual content is the consistent thread across the sites and tools that are growing.

Why are images key? Because our brains can consume and process an image much quicker than text.

  • Images in blog posts:We’ve known for a while that images in blog posts increase time on site and engagement (that is why newspapers and magazines have images).
  • Pinterest:The latest darling of the social media community is one of the most visual social networks out there. When you “pin” content the item that shows up with your pin is an image from the website. Pinterest is the quickest growing independent social network and sends more traffic to other sites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. The quick growth of this highly visual social network points toward the desire to consume visual content… Read more

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