Social Media Marketing – What’s It Going To Take To Get You To Follow Me?

By  Mind Mulch:

What Gives? Why Do We All Need So Many Followers?

If you do a search on Google: “How to get more followers” you’ll get 676,000,000 hits. It seems that a large portion of society is on a hard driving quest to be “followed.” Someone in social media marketing has set this up as a big goal for many people, but why? Do we all really need to have as many followers as possible? Some are even buying followers. Why are so many people so desperate to get a large following online?

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

I think part of the reason is that many people think of social media as a pure numbers game: The more followers I have, the more relevant I must be, therefore the more successful I will be in whatever it is I am trying to do. More is better. The problem with this thinking is that it doesn’t always pan out. First of all, it doesn’t ask the all important question: what are you trying to accomplish with your social media presence? Secondly, it begs the question: are all followers are equally valuable to you? Why… Read more


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