Five Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media

By Quinton O’Reilly, Simply Zesty:

For any brand page, the question of getting more fans or followers will come up sooner or later. While there are underhanded ways of obtaining followers (paying for fake followers is the main methodalthough we strongly advise against it for obvious reasons), the best way is to make your page more engaging for your fans. While this is a long-term strategy, the results are well worth it so here are five quick tips (and some guides below) to help you out.

Content, Content, Content

The golden rule of social media. If you don’t have the basics in place, then it doesn’t matter what you post, if it doesn’t make people want to interact or share, your efforts aren’t going to go far.

Posting links is all well and good, but make sure you mix it up a little. Post photos, videos, ask questions, make statements, crack a joke, respond to users. Just make sure you’re giving people a reason to follow you in the first place, and adding value and variety to their news feeds is the way to go… Read more


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