How to find your blogging niche

By Social Media, Blogging & Business Hustling for Luddites :

Regular readers will know, when it comes to the need for a business to have a regularly updated blog, I am something of a zealot and spend much of my time promoting the cause.
I have often written about the advantages of a business blogs but, what about a blog designed and set up specifically to earn you cash? You know, the one you quickly knock together, stick some ads on and then forget about, while it earns you a steady stream of cash, for the rest of your life. I’m sure you’ve seen adverts for ebooks and video courses that promise to teach you just how to do that.
Forget it! Not possible! The common thread amongst all successful blogs is they were built through hard work and have large volumes of regularly-updated content. Any blog that is a year or two old and that has daily posts will invariably be successful…in terms of readers but not necessarily earnings.
Unless the aim of your blog is to establish credibility and boost your public profile so you can pick up consulting work or speaking and writing gigs, you will need to sell something from it. (I’m assuming it’s not just for fun.)

People who are interested
It could be pay-per-click adverts like Google’s Adsense, ebooks or affiliate products… Read more


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