Apple to release iOS 6 on Wednesday; here are features we like

By Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angelses Times:

Apple is set to release its latest operating system, iOS 6, on Wednesday, just a few days before the launch of the iPhone 5. Here are a few of its best features and why Apple users may want to update their devices.

Siri for new iPad (third generation) and iPod Touch (fifth generation)

For the first time, Siri will no longer be exclusive to the iPhone. Siri will be making the leap to the third-generation iPad and the fifth-generation iPod Touch. Siri will also be capable of doing more things, including opening apps, finding sports, movie and restaurant information, and posting what you say directly to Twitter or Facebook, which brings us to…

Facebook integration

Last year we saw Apple integrate Twitter, which was great, but we all knew what was glaringly missing: Facebook. And now, the big blue social network is being added. You’ll be able to post status updates from various apps, integrate your contacts and calendar with the social network and “like” apps and songs on Apple’s iTunes Store and App Store… Read more


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