11 must-read PR and social media measurement books

By Katie Delahaye Paine, ragan.com:

Here’s a short list of the best references and reading on public relations and social media measurement.

I was going to tell you to read these books before going back to school, but that much summertime homework is excessive, even for you over-achieving measurement mavens.

1. Measure what Matters” by Katie Delahaye Paine. This isn’t on the list because I need the royalty checks, but because it will give you all the basics to start measuring right. Read several reviews.

2.The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine How to Vote, Where to Eat, and What to Buy” by Jon Berry and Ed Keller. Learn about how and what really influences behavior. It’s a wonderful data-driven analysis of who influences what.

Make sure you have these next two invaluable references somewhere close at hand. You don’t have to read them, but you will have to refer to them from time to time:

3.A Practitioner’s Guide to Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation” by Don W. Stacks and David Michaelson… Read more


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