Social Media Shares And SEO

By Rowan Casey, Knoji:

This article explains the importance of having a natural looking link profile including a reasonable amount of links from social media. It’s not a good idea to say that this is the way to rank a page on Google, or that it isn’t, because as soon as you figure something out with SEO, it changes.

Social media shares are more important for SEO than they ever have been before, especially since the recent changes to the algorithms in Google.

Having said that, by the time I write this, it might be that Google realizes that they went too far, and changed the algorithms too quickly, and that they need to change them back so that all of the billions of pages made in the preceding years are not unfairly ranked.

SEO started out being about back links from pages with a certain amount of page rank. Page A links to page B, and page C, and it has a page rank of two, so an amount of link weight divided by two is given from page A to pages B and C.

This was soon exploited by sites who made back links by the millions through spam methods to millions of sites set up for the sole purpose of making spam back links… Read more


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