Is Social Media the New SEO?

By Gazalla Gaya , Web Content Blog:

“SEO is Dead” – was the the trending topic in one of my LinkedIn groups last month. This discussion was in response to a Forbes article, “The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content.”

The author, Ken Krogue, makes the case for social media being the new seo:

“Google used to think if you linked to someone on the Internet they must have valuable content. Now Google seems to believe that if you promote content with social media it is more indicative of relevant content and less likely to be faked. It is hardly about the links anymore, it’s about the metrics of engagement on your site.”

Does this argument hold true? Has social media so changed the seo landscape that social shares are most important and do other seo strategies even count?

To understand the rising importance of social media on search, let’s backtrack to two interesting developments to Search:

The launch of Social Search (Content that is shared within your social networks is given priority)… Read more


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