Five Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile

Stephanie Miller, Social Media Today:

“New and improved” might be the most overused catchphrase ever . . . but it also might be the most effective. Whether it’s a “new and improved” shampoo, diaper or menu, the slogan has staying power because there is always, always room for – and excitement about – improvement.

These days “new and improved” is also the mantra for smart email marketers. Call it agility, nimbleness or responsiveness, optimizing and re-optimizing your emails for new (and newer!) devices is quickly becoming the new normal. As technologies evolve, so do users’ expectations – and that means your tactics have to keep evolving, as well.  How you design your email messages, what content they contain, when they arrive, etc. all factor into whether customers will stay loyal to you or turn to a more appealing “new and improved” approach… Read more


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