Did social media just sucker punch a presidential campaign?

By Fiona McCann, Storyful Blog:

Could this be history in the making? Will we look back on November 7 as the day social media crippled a presidential campaign? It’s clearly too soon to tell, and regardless of the outcome, it’s a simplistic reading of what happened when a YouTube video of Mitt Romney secretly taped speaking at a fundraiser in May got noticed by Jimmy Carter’s grandson and made its way onto the national radar thanks to Mother Jones. But it’s true to say that it’s the first time so-called citizen journalism has, through social media, dealt such a blow to a US presidential contender. And if you believe much of that other media, it may well be fatal.

Right now, most media organizations are scrambling to find out who filmed the videos that have sent the Romney campaign into damage-limitation mode. Who is the now – ironically, considering the moniker – infamous Anne Onymous on whose YouTube account they currently appear? Is that account linked to Romney Exposed, which uploaded some of the earliest available versions of this content back in May? Suddenly, every mainstream media organization is trawling through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in search of clues to the identity of the source of this fundraiser footage… Read more




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