45 awesonme Twitter tips for business

Lately I’ve focused on writing about a few Twitter tips per article. I wanted to pack it full of details and examples to make it as valuable for your business as possible.

But yesterday I came across an infographic I was so impressed with, I would happily stray from my normal writing style.

While Twitter may be a simple micro-blogging social site, it is by no means an easy feat creating a thriving Twitter community.

So today I present to you 45 awesome Twitter tips with step-by-step instructions on how to make Twitter work for your business.

By Social Motus:

The best part is it’s in the form of a beautifully presented infographic.

You can thank the awesome Cheryl Lawson for this.

Use this infographic as a checklist in your social media arsenal to ensure you have all the different areas of Twitter marketing covered. If you don’t I might get angry (See image above. You don’t want to mess with my angry face).

Here are some of the key questions you’ll learn in the infographic below.

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the role of SEO in Twitter?
  • What is the best profile pic to use?
  • How do you encourage others to follow you?
  • Who should manage your Twitter account?
  • What is the best content to tweet?
  • Who should you be following?
  • Would you follow yourself on Twitter… Read more

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