Why Timing Your Tweets Matters

By , Aboutsocialmedia.com:

Majority of  online marketers who use Twitter for their online marketing campaign usually time their tweets. That’s because it could be a great way to increase their user reach and direct more traffic to their website.

Better timing of tweets could actually give your posts more retweets. As a result, you could gain more followers. However, there are some factors that you need to consider when timing your tweets.

Followers’ Activity

Monitoring your followers’ activity can be a great way for your content and links to generate more exposure and retweets. Check out when your fans are most active. Is it on a weekend or a weekday? You should also take note of the time of day when majority of your followers are most active.

Time your tweets accordingly once you already know the time and day they are most active. In turn, majority of your followers will see your posts, which could help your content get more exposure and retweets. The more people see your tweets, the higher the chance that you could boost your website or blog’s traffic… Read more


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