Social Media Traffic 101: How to REALLY Get Traffic from Social Media

By Anna Hoffman, Traffic Generation Caffe:

Social media has been called a lot of things:

…the best thing since sliced bread;

…productivity killer;

…the next marketing wonder…

Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter what YOU think about social media.

If your audience and your competitors are there, you don’t really have much of a choice, do you?

Social media is to your website as breathing is to living. Period.

Find, Master, Automate

A few quick tips before we dive into the mysteries of driving traffic from social media:

Start with one platform

Social media is the great example of Pareto principal  at work (roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes).

My best advice is not to spread yourself too thin.

  • Find the one social media platform that YOUR target audience seems to favor and stick with it…. Read more

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