Social Media Monitoring Made Easy: 15 (Free) Tools You’ll Want To Use Today!

By Kim Garst:

With all of the “noise” out there in social media, have you ever stopped to wonder at the many ways to make sense of the information? Every day it seems there’s a new program out with a new way to slice the available information, discover your influence, or help you understand how people are using social media more accurately as a way of helping you shape your marketing message.

There’s so many – which ones are helpful? (Because you really don’t think you need one more thing to track, right? <grin>)

Here’s a roundup of 15 free social media monitoring tools you’ll want to become familiar with (if you aren’t already) to simplify the ways you track your brand and influence online.

1. Klout

Klout’s vision is to allow people to discover and measure social influence. Through a variety of algorithms (over 400 variables), Klout assigns users a score measuring a particular user’s influence in the real world as well as in social networks. This is useful for monitoring your own influence, as well as making sure your influencers are of top quality and trusted sources… Read more


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