How the Google +1 Button Affects your Search Results

By Rory Martin, Social Media Today:

In the course of our ever-evolving research on Social Media trends (Do you not do this?  You should.) we discovered a great whitepaper on the effects of the Google +1 button and how it affects impressions, traffic, and overall search rankings, when placed on a website.  SEO Effect Tools did an experiment, with “over 70 readers of SEO Effect voting ‘+1’ for three pages in the Google search results.”  From the results of the whitepaper, SEO Effect’s opinion is that adding the Google +1 button to a website offers much more benefit than adding a Facebook Like button to a website. And it’s incredibly easy to do.

The Google +1 Button

Google has included a few interesting perks for +1 users – for starters, when someone clicks on the +1 button, the social influence of the link increases, improving the link’s chance of relevancy in search results.  Not only that, but the click throughs increase because, as SEO Effect Tools writes, “social recommendations from a circle of friends are often even more convincing than expert reviews.” Because the +1 vote from a user in a social circle offers annotations (unlike the Facebook “Like” button) the link “sticks out” in search results, leading to an increase in traffic… Read more


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