But I Don’t Like it… – But Does Your Target Audience Like It? How to Use Social Media to Find Out.

By Ron Romanski, Business 2 Community:

All too often – a website design, an email campaign, social media posts etc are based on what the executive or owner likes.  But is that what the customer likes?

Successful organizations succeed by understanding their target audience and adapting their marketing to what the consumer responds to – not what you respond to…

Yet all too often the decisions made are based on personal opinion.  The question you ask when looking at your marketing shouldn’t be “do I like it?” –  it should be “will the consumer like it?”

So how do you find out if they’ll like?  Here is a secret a lot of organizations don’t know – just ask them!

  1. Ask them! If your social media platforms aren’t getting a lot of activity – send them an email and ask what they think?  Don’t sell them anything in it – but simply ask what they think of it?  It could be a new product or service – it could be a new website design – or it could be what they think of your current product or service line.  And ask them to share what they think via social media platforms so new customers can see how you interact with customers… Read more

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