9 Social Media Week L.A. Events for the Non-Techie

By Zach Behrens, KCET:

With over 100 events in a one-week span, Social Media Week L.A. is a busy one for those of us in the tech and media industries. For the general public, however, a perusal of the schedule might make it feel like an conference for social media insiders. For a big part of it, that’s true, but there’s still a lot for those on the outside.

Here at KCET, we’re taking our public media point of view in curating this list of events for you. From do-gooding to politics to a envisioning a better Los Angeles, here’s a list of events worth considering for the week, which takes place September 24 thru 30.

A City of Angels: How Social Media is Bringing L.A. Closer to Utopia
Monday, September 24 at 10:30 a.m.
A large transient population means the potential for fewer connections to civic life in Los Angeles, but with social media, natives and transplants alike are being engaged with communities, city services, and organizations in ways not possible in the past… Read more


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