8 Reasons Why Social Media is Such a Powerful Marketing Medium

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Why has Social Media captured the imagination and participation of so many people with up to 40% plus of the Internet population in some English speaking, developed countries creating a personal Facebook page. This is a social phenomenon worth contemplating and looking at, as this reveals a lot about who we are as human beings living on a planet wanting to communicate our messages, beliefs, photos, videos and their ”Song” to their friends and the world.

What drives this activity and participation at levels that border on obsession with increasing hyperactivity? There seems to be a few observations that make sense and hint at at its causes. Is it wanting to make money, to connect, its novelty or is it a more basic drive and motivator that makes it compelling and compulsive to us as humans? The answers are simple but it is powerful, it is a shift and permutation in our conciousness that has us Twittering, Blogging, Facebooking, Linking and YouTubing with passion bordering on obsession and addiction. Are we seeing the largest revolution in human knowledge since the “Gutenberg Press” that leveraged and transformed the spread of knowledge from handwriting to print centuries ago?

So what are some of these drivers?

1. Money– It’s Seen as a Gold Rush by Marketers, Investors and Companies (This was even picked up by Business Week in April, 2006)… Read more


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