Social Media Networks Used by More Than 90% of Small Businesses

5StarControl has taken on a new survey in which more than 9 out of 10 American small business owners report that they use social media networks as an online marketing for small business tool.

Reputation Management Site 5StarControl announced that small businesses are going to blossom now that over 90% of small business owners in America are working on engaging their customers through Facebook and FourSquare, according to a new survey by small business forum Manta as reported by the LA Times. is the world’s largest online community for small businesses. Millions of small business owners visit Manta daily in order to forge connections with other businesses, and market themselves online. Manta has a huge directory of small businesses in the United States and around the world. They recently conducted a survey of 600 members in which more than 90% reported using social networks for their businesses, and over three out of four respondents said that social networking is now more important for them than traditional networks.

The undisputed industry leader in the social network market, California-based Facebook claims to have around 955 million users worldwide. Started by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm in 2004, Facebook has become a household name and pioneer in the social networking industry. Facebook allows private individuals, as well as businesses, to post a personal profile, where they can share comments, photos, and videos, and link to their friends. Facebook’s business pages are an important resource for small business owners, some of which get over a quarter of new business from Facebook.

One of Facebook’s chief rivals, FourSquare is a primarily mobile-based portal where users can “check-in” when they visit different businesses and locations. That way, their friends and contacts know where they are, and can engage with them through the site. With 20 million users and over 2 billion total check-ins, FourSquare has grown rapidly since its launch in 2009. Small businesses can use the service as an online marketing tool, offering special discounts to users who check in at their establishments on FourSquare. 5StarControl advises its readers to check out the writings of media expert Frank Kern for information on other social marketing strategies.

The results of the study show that small businesses are keener on going online to social marketing platforms to help promote their businesses. With so many of their potential customers online, small business owners simply cannot afford to ignore the world of online placement and marketing. This trend should only continue with the increasing popularity of social networking and online review websites.

5StarControl is a newsletter covering small business news regarding reputation management.


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