Is Content Curation Bad For SEO?

By By Greg Bardwell, B2B Content Engine:

I came across the post titled “Is Content Curation Bad For SEO?”, by  Brian Hanson at the Marketer’s Black Book. The gist of Brian’s argument is that is is not a bad thing. In fact he shows several reasons why curation is a good thing for SEO. Here is one:

The Content Curation Effects on SEO

With the recent Google Panda update, less popular content is now eliminated from search results. This has opened the door to content curation and allowing websites to be more successful by providing a range of high quality content. You might be an expert in your industry, but there are other experts that can also offer good information. The combination of informative content can provide a surge in page rank by categorizing this content into one single location.

I happen to agree with all his cases and have come up with many more which you can find in this blog or consolidated in my new eBook, which you can get free here… Read more


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