Nine great ways to ensure you will never get a high performance marketing team

By Nathan Hodges, TrinityP3:

I was recently asked by a client, in a meeting, to describe what a ‘high performance team’ looked like in marketing.

I began my answer with the incredibly erudite words: ‘it depends’.

Saying this made me want to punch myself. This is because, increasingly, I find myself wanting to punch anybody who keeps saying ‘it depends’. And I don’t even think I’m wrong. Wow – so it depends, does it? Gee, I never thought. Thanks for that. Idiot.

The reason I said it, apart from a momentary lapse, is that I’ve observed how one organisation’s high-performing team can be another’s utter nightmare.

I’ve worked with marketing-led companies where restlessness, dissatisfaction and innovative drive are encouraged as the highest kind of performance… Read more


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