5 Pillars to Support Your Success In Inbound Marketing

By Fan It:

Every year we see damage done by earthquakes around the world. There’s a big difference between the destruction you see in a city that’s well built and one that’s not. Those that are well built do have some damage, but often still stand. When earthquakes hit cities built with poor construction standards, however, little is left standing and the destruction is vast.

The product or service that you offer is an empire, a business, a building. If your content is weak, if your support system is weak, you are going to crumble. You’ve got to have big, strong, Roman pillars supporting your empire (ok, so maybe imagine the pillars from before the fall of Rome).

Here’s pillar number 1.

1. Be a team with character

Behind each website and each product and each service is your team. This is where your motivation comes from, your undercurrent of energy. Think of Martin Luther King Jr.—great, passionate, inspirational leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Now that was a man who people followed, who people listened to. Your team needs to be built of passionate people—people who believe in your product and your service, who will persevere because they really think they have something to offer the world, a team who communicates among each other and to the world… Read more


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