The 3 Phases Of Social Media

By Samuel Junghenn, Social Media Today:

Phase #1: Launch

The launch phase of social media is focused on setting up the major social network accounts with brand assets.  This launch phase should see very little actual results in terms of traffic or income spike as it is focused on preparation and set up.  The objective of this phase should not be measurable results rather just having a social media presence.

Phase #2: Management

The management phase is where you have out of set up and into executing the social media plan that you developed.  This is where you are posting content, increasing traffic, generating likes and followers.  During this stage you should be focusing on content, creative and offer development and tracking your ROI.  Again results in this stage may not be amazing, this is your “testing phase”.

Phase #3: Optimization

The optimization phase is the final and probably most important phase of your social media campaign.  In this phase you are focusing on the metrics of your social media efforts to date and working to improve areas for greater return on investment.  Focus on improving your metrics and results to a level that is acceptable for your business… Read more


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