New to Twitter? Six Ways You Can You Use Twitter Effectively

By Dougles Chan:

Wondering how to use Twitter but not able to find a good clue? Well, here’s something that can help you out in this regard. Twitter can be used in several ways, depending upon your intentions behind Twittering.

You can use Twitter with the following intentions:

  • To drive traffic to your blogs
  • To build your profile or perceived expertise in a niche/industry
  • Just as a branding exercise
  • To use it to network with others in your niche
  • As a social exercise and past-time
  • Show your personal side and opinions to your followers

However, it is important that you don’t try to use Twitter for all these reasons at a time. Just as it is important to learn how to use Twitter effectively, it is equally important to remember to create one account for a specific reason. For instance, if you’re trying to promote your business via a Twitter account, it just makes no sense to write your personal views and trying to drive some traffic through your Tweets… Read more



  1. This was helpful!

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