Mobile Search – 5 SEO Best Practices

By Chris Simmance, Koozai:

It seems the world has gone mobile lately and with over 40% smartphone penetration in both western Europe and the U.S and mobile searches accounting for 15% (and rising)of all Google searches it is certainly a good idea to take steps to optimise your site for mobile search.

In this post I will give you 5 of what I feel are some of the best practices to optimise your mobile sites for mobile search. There are plenty more, so feel free to add yours to the comments or if you have other ideas entirely I’d love to know!

1 – Ensure your site is mobile friendly.

Whether it be a dedicated mobile site or a mobile version of your current site it is always important to think about your audience and the sites usability. If the site is difficult to use then you are likely to have a high bounce rate and seeing as that can be a ranking factor, you should ensure that the site is built first and foremost for the user. The same things apply with mobile sites that apply to desktop sites. The content, the keywords and the links to name a few, all form the on-page ranking factors of a mobile site but you have to be weary of the reduced real estate.. Read more


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