Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms [Infographic]

By John Loomer:

Ever find yourself staring at your Facebook Insights, confused about the difference between Engagement and Consumptions? Impressions and Reach?

You’re not alone.

I’ve put together this comprehensive Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms so that you’ll never need to ask the question again.

Bookmark this page. Print off or Pin the infographic at the bottom. Whatever you do, keep it handy and pass it on!

Page Level

Logged-In Page Views:Total number of Page Views from users logged into Facebook.

Page Consumers: The number of unique users who clicked on any of your content. Consumptions include link clicks, photo clicks, video plays and other clicks.

Page Consumptions: The total number of clicks on any of your content. Clicks generating stories are included in “Other Clicks.” Stories generated without clicks on page content (e.g., liking the page in Timeline) are not included… Read more


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