10 Ways Leading Brands Use Facebook Ingeniously For Their Marketing

By Jeff Bullas:

There is a revolution going on in the internet marketing world that many companies are still figuring out. It is called Facebook and Twitter and it’s also called social media marketing.

So what is one change that has emerged that is affecting the way businesses can influence their target market to create massive traffic and sales?

It’s the Facebook “friend feed” and it has dramatically changed the goals and objectives for marketing your brand on the web.

But how is this different than traditional marketing?

Marketing used to be a “one to one” game with your prospect. You were only speaking to the prospects’ attention you had at that given moment in your advertisement and no one else. That’s all part of the old ways of market

Today, if you can get your prospect to “like”, “comment”, and/or “share” your content on Facebook, you are indirectly marketing to their entire sphere of influence. One single “like” may potentially be seen by many friends on a person’s contact list.

It’s those secondary contacts that reflect how the audience has shifted dramatically and how the entire sales conversation is now different. It is the power of the amplification of conversations that start at “one to many” and then become exponential and move to “many to many”.

So how are big brands leveraging this power to their benefit?

Here are 10 ways that big brands are using Facebook to tap into this limitless potential.

1. They get their prospects to interact with their posts.

It may not be immediately obvious but a comment on a wall post is more powerful than getting someone to read it and take an action without interacting… Read more


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