Twitter is Now Twice as Big as Facebook – Here’s Why

By Eric Jackson, Forbes:

Katy Finneran of Bloomberg just tweeted that “Twitter’s 2012 mobile ad revenue exceeds Facebook‘s 2012 mobile ad revenue, $129.7 million to $72.7 million.” These numbers are eMarketer.

That’s huge news.  It essentially means that Twitter is now a bigger company than Facebook.  Here’s why.

The PC revenue business for both Facebook and Twitter is dying. It will still exist but the stock market is basically giving that ad revenue business a very low multiple.  The stock market is obsessed with who will make money in the mobile space because the stock market – correctly – believes that all of us (or 90+% of us) will only access these services from mobile devices in a very short period.  (And it’s not just the stock market believes that. Ask any executive at Apple (AAPL) or Google (GOOG) or any Sand Hill Road VC.)… Read more


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