Top 5 Reasons for Online Reputation Management

By Marketing News:

Discover 5 crucial threats that can be avoided with proper online reputation management. Online reputation management is a process of identifying, monitoring and influencing the perception and value of your online brand.

Presented in an easy to follow A to Z format “Do Your Own PR” gives you all the insider secrets you need to harness the power of publicity and get your message spread far and wide.

Whether you’re on a small budget and need to cost-effectively promote your business or are simply keen to demystify the PR process and take control – this book shows you how. As well as up-to-date advice on using new tools such as Twitter and Youtube and traditional tools such as press releases, you will also learn first hand how others have used these approaches to grow their own success.

‘Paula Gardner is doing herself and the rest of the PR industry out of a job’ – “The Telegraph” & “Financial Times”.

‘Paula has a gift for demystifying PR and making it easy-peasy for anyone, even if the only thing you know about PR is how to spell it!’ – Amanda Alexander, “Corporate Mothers… Read more


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