The four levels of Serendipity – Social Media


We talk a lot about Serendipity on Twitter.

In his classic book, Austin (1978) distinguished four levels of serendipity or chance. They can apply to individuals, but a team provides more opportunities for them to happen – look for the similarities with what happens on social networks.

Have a read and then let me know your thoughts – how do you leverage your networks to improve opportunity?

Chance 1 – ‘blind chance’ or accident. By sheer luck you just happen to find yourself in the right place at the right time. Nothing to do with your lifestyle, though you had the presence of mind to take the opportunity when it appeared.

Chance 2 – wide-ranging exploration. A wide-ranging, energetic, enquiring lifestyle will tend to generate opportunities for useful chances to happen (though it can also result in lack of focus – you have to achieve a balance)… Read more


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