Planners; Reset Your Social Media Strategy to Attract Affluent Clients

By: John J. Bowen, Jr., Financial Planning:

With more than 400,000 financial advisors serving individuals today, the need to stand out in an extraordinarily crowded marketplace is tougher – and more important – than ever. One of the newest and most interesting ways to do that is through LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels.

The appeal of social media is clear: It lets you put yourself out there like no other tool can, and it can help investors quickly see who you are and how you can bring value to their lives. As a result, it has become one of the more intriguing ways to get affluent clients to start talking with you instead of with an advisor down the street.

That said, as you’re surely aware, the social media landscape is full of traps and time sinks – making it tough to know how to navigate with these tools and take advantage of them. That’s one reason many advisors don’t bother with it. In the past several months, however, my firm, CEG Worldwide, has identified some key social media strategies that top financial advisors are using to attract new affluent clients.


The first move you need to make is to put social media into the broader context of a smart strategic business plan. Specifically, social media should be part of an overall conversational marketing strategy. Conversational tactics are designed to generate awareness of you among the right affluent prospects and then enable you to engage those investors in a series of interactions so that many will ultimately choose to work with you… Read more


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