Three Reasons Why the FIA Guidelines on Social Media Should be Changed

By Richenda Vermeulen & Leanne O’Donnell, Pro Bono News:

OPINION: Social media marketer, Richenda Vermeulen and lawyer, Leanne O’Donnell have called on the Fundraising Institute of Australia to revise some aspects of its Social Media Fundraising Guidelines.

Here’s their take on the Guidelines.

The Fundraising Institute of Australia, the peak body representing professional fundraising in Australia, recently released a new Social Media Standard. All members must abide by this Standard. The Standard is based on the solid values of Transparency, Accountability and Respect, which is right on the mark.

The FIA should be applauded for proactively encouraging charities to use social media responsibly, however, we’re concerned with some of the guidelines and advice. We’ve reached out to the FIA, and understand there are no plans to revise the Standard.

Here’s three reasons why we think the guidelines need to be changed.

1. The Standard doesn’t demonstrate an understanding of social media

The Standard uses the phrase “social media site”. (This term is not defined.) In our view, the obligations in the Standard are more appropriate to a Not for Profit’s website, not its use of social media… Read more


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