Night 1 of the Democratic National Convention: An Avalanche of Social-Media Response

ByEleanor Dowling, Blue Fin Labs:

The Democratic National Convention started with a bang last night, garnering 1.3 million social media comments – a new social TV record for this election season! That’s almost three times as social as the first night of the Republican National Convention (503K comments), and still more than its final night (951K comments).

Michelle Obama drove the biggest one-minute social spike of the conventions thus far, at 30,510 peak comments per minute. The previous high was Mitt Romney at 17,458 peak comments per minute during his acceptance speech on August 30. Ad Age has published more social TV data from the RNC.

Another interesting data point is the percentage of female commenters that spoke up – last night, 56% of social media comments came from women. During the first night of the Republican National Convention, only 45% of commenters were female. Will this trend continue? Check back later this week for more analysis… Read more


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