Influence, Word of Mouth and Social Media

By Annie Infinite, Business 2 Community:

I was chatting with a group of friends the other day and one of them mentioned an article she had read in a magazine about the social media marketing ‘boom’ and it’s downfalls and the notion that it will disappear and we will get back to ‘normal’ marketing soon…

Hmmm… yes I replied there are a lot of people using social media badly – yes still, and a lot of businesses not really knowing what it is for and about – yes still.

Let’s be very clear social and digital marketing is not a boom, and ‘normal’ marketing is social and always has been, it is now social using the internet as well and not just person to person.

FACT – every advertiser and marketer knows that word of mouth recommendations are the Holy Grail of all marketing, when a business can convince their customers and audience to talk to others about them marketing magic is created.

Just take a look around you. Look at what your family and friends are doing with social media. Where do they look before they book that hotel in the Greek Islands? Yes, Tripadvisor, because they believe what ‘real people’ have to say before glossy brochures and company websites. And ask yourself this question: Why are the world’s most oppressive regimes working so hard to block social media so that they, and they alone, are able to influence public opinion… Read more


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