Don’t Fall For Affiliate Scams


Being in the position I am in I get to see a lot of affiliate websites when they apply into our programs. I see a lot of bad affiliate sites but what pisses me off is when I see people getting scammed. I can usually tell when these “Make money online” events happen the minute they are over.

The latest variation of scammers have infomercials on late at night where they will not only give you 1 website they will give you 3 if you call right away. Well I can tell you that these programs can give you a million sites for free but none of them will ever make you the money the infomercials promise you. Multiply anything by 0 and you still get 0. Doesn’t sound like sending them $27 for a DVD course is a good idea.

There are a few guys (Ben and Dave) that really get on my nerves because they are hurting good honest people. These guys hold actual seminars where they bring in a few people that are plants and they sit next to the new people and tell them things like “Yes we make good money”. While they are up in front of the room being all sincere and showing how to make money online with stuff that doesn’t work but sounds good… Read more


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