After Long Startup Journey, Seesmic Is Bought By Social Media Management Service Hootsuite [Confirmed]

By Eric Rosser Eldon, Tech Crunch:

Seesmic is one of those startups that never quit, it just kept pivoting. And today, it’s getting rewarded for all the work — we’re hearing it is about to close a sale to Hootsuite. We’re still trying to get the price, but we expect this isn’t a huge acquisition given the competitive market it is in today.

[Update: Hootsuite has confirmed the news — in that the confirmation was embargoed for 6am PT tomorrow, but ended up getting leaked now. You know how these things can end up. Congrats to all, in any case!]

The company began life in mid-2007 as a “video Twitter,” with backing from a wide range of Silicon Valley investors*. Then it experimented with new features, like video comments, and eventually pivoted into the social media client business. That’s basically what Hootsuite appears to be buying it for.

Founded by entrepreneur and investor Loic Le Meur (who also organizes the Le Web conferences in Europe), Seesmic currently offers a product called Ping that lets you post to multiple social media accounts — Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, etc. — from its web or mobile app… Read more


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