Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

By Jody Raines, webarcom.net:

You’ve fired up your Twitter account and launched your Facebook page.  You’ve created a blog and did the research on blogging topics.  You’ve worked on your Linked In profile and created the Google+ page.  So where are the followers and why aren’t you seeing an influx in business because of all of your networking?

Business owners and marketers have opinions ranging from “I’m doing all that I can” to “it just doesn’t work for me”, and when I take a look at their program, it’s pretty clear that they are doing it wrong.

Yes, you can do social media “wrong” and here’s what I am seeing:

  1. Email Spam: Someone that I barely met know from a brief encounter at a Chamber event starts to send me sales emails after requesting we connect through Linked In.
  2. Facebook Spam: I get an instant message through Facebook from one of my contacts. He needs my help. He wants me to take a look at a website. I think he wants SEO or some design critique? No…  The website is all about an affiliate marketing program… Read more

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