Things you shouldn’t share on social media websites

By Bridget Webber,

ocial media websites are great places for sharing and receiving information. You can keep up to date with friends and stay in touch with people you don’t often see in person, not to mention making new friends and contacts. However there is a downside to social media networking which can come into play if you reveal the wrong kind of data for all to see. Knowing what information to avoid posting on message boards can prevent you from making huge mistakes that could cost you dearly.

Identifying information

Such information includes passwords, your home phone number, address, and place of work. Your good friends probably already have this information, so there’s no need to broadcast it online.

Details regarding your children

If you have children you probably wouldn’t tell strangers in the street their social plans, likes or dislikes. You know you could be revealing such information to the wrong people. The chances of alerting a nasty person who preys on children as to your kid’s whereabouts may be slim, but you wouldn’t risk it. Reveal such data on a social media website and you will be alerting a great deal more people than you would if you held up a placard at the side of a road… Read more


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