By Small Business Story Teller:

Social media and social networking. The terms are often used interchangeably. But, are they the same? Which should you be using for business? Does it really matter? Well, while the difference between the two is subtle, I think there is one…and it’s worth talking about.

hink about the contexts in which you hear the two terms. When you hear people talk about “social media” isn’t it usual in the context of business or marketing? You don’t see too many business books using the term “social networking.” Conversely, when you hear the term spoken among users of these social platforms, they don’t often say “social media.” The users call it “social networking.” Why is this the case?

Well, I think the key difference between social media and social networking lies in the intent of the people using it. Here’s the bottom line:

  • Social media is about content.
  • Social networking is about conversation.

If you want to broadcast… Read more


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