Building Brands Through Content Marketing Strategies

By Higher Visibility:

We’ve seen the immeasurable quality of posts that writers on Higher Visibility propagate with seeming ease, as if writing about subjects they love was instilled into their memory banks at birth.  You witnessed Pete Cashmore build an empire through news mash ups over at Mashable which still runs strong today.  How did these undisputed marketing champions toss their business to the next stratosphere?  Through content marketing strategies of some format, whether they wrote press releases to announce brands, writing for other high authority sites and even perhaps writing for newspapers.  We now take a gander at what common marketing stratagems pushed rock stars like HigherVisibility, Technorati and even Alexa to the next level of internet authority sites.

Writing Factually

Everyone writing for this blog, and for blogs across the galaxy, is a freelancing something-or-another.  Whether they write, build quality marketing strategies and even email individuals, they are experiencing the joys of freelancing through writing factually about something – even if the writing is Javascript.  Factually writing about directives that haven’t been viewed, angles that haven’t seen a protractor and fully understanding the scope of your own business will assist your first steps in becoming that rock star.  Simply taking someone else’s ideologies and twisting them into something you believe to be current isn’t factually writing – it’s pretty much plagiarism no matter how you’ll attempt to justify it… Read more


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