3 Reasons Social Media Profiles will never replace your Band’s Website

By Is It Indie:

Social Media will NEVER replace your own website. I know most of you are probably asking how I can say this given that I preach the use of social media all day? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Social Media is not a useful tool or even requirement to some extent. I am simply saying that you can’t rely on social media websites to be the only way you capture and engage with fans.

The top 3 reasons you still need a website is:

  1. You don’t control social sites – The profile, fanpage, or other social profile you create is not under your direct control. You can only do what those sites allow you to do. You can’t freely change the format, content, or even the way you interact with your fans on those sites. In 90% of cases that is fine, but in some cases it can be restrictive (For example the layout of facebook fan pages). On your own site, you have complete freedom and control to create whatever format, content, or feature you like.
  2.  Sites Can Go Away or Change – Social websites will come in and out of popularity over time. The principles are always the same, use them while your audience does. When the audience starts to leave the platform, so do your contacts and hard work. If you used the social media site to “attract” new fans to your website, you “retain” those fans for as long as you and they decide.
  3. Things Change – Social media sites can change their TOS (Terms of Service) at any time… Read more

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