What does a social media manager really need to be? A response to “why…”

By Accent Social Media:

Social media pros are no strangers to controversy. Every week seems to bring new discussions and (sometimes heated) debate among those who use social networks to promote brands, businesses and organizations.

The Hornet’s Nest du Jour is buzzing around a blog post by a recent university grad and aspiring writer, Cathryn Sloan, and her belief that all social media managers should be under the age of 25. After all, only the kids know how to handle these newfangled tools, right?

Predictably, the responses divided into three main camps:

  • So true! Digital natives make the best social media managers. Those under age 25 don’t know a world without digital technology, so it’s not much of a leap to assume they’d use social media platforms more naturally and intuitively than folks who still remember looking up information (alphabetically, mind you) in the Yellow Pages.
  • So NOT true! Social media managers need experience, missy! This viewpoint was delivered with both biting snark AND wary patience, depending on the author, but the gist was this: Even if you can Tweet up a storm, you might not be ready to be a communications professional. Knowing how to make a phone call isn’t the same thing as knowing how to carry on a conversation… Read more

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