Top Free Social Networking Software

By Brian Costea, Business 2 Community:

In the past I’ve covered how to go about selecting what social platform to use when rolling out a social strategy for your brand or product. However, if you are someone that is just dipping their toe in the water (or is on a limited marketing budget), one the best ways to get going is to the best way is to install and run a social networking software on your server. I’ve handpicked two of the best free platforms that you should be able to leverage out of the box or customize to your heart’s content.

1. WordPress with Buddypress

WordPress launched as a free blogging platform but quickly became the world’s most popular CMS. In fact, over 60,000,000 sites currently run WordPress. By itself, WordPress isn’t a social platform (other than commenting), but when you add the Buddypress plugin your site is transformed into a social community. Here’s the breakdown of what it does great and where it’s lacking:

The good:

  • Full control of HTML output using WordPress’ awesome theming system.
  • Off the charts easy to create new plugins.
  • SEO-friendly tools that allow you to manage URLs and metadata.
  • Super easy to query and manipulate data… Read more

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