The importance of social media networking for Businesses: An Overview

Just a few years ago, Social Media was a nascent medium on the Internet. But it has since become one of the most prolific ways people communicate, and not just for connecting with friends or finding long-lost classmates.

People use social media to spread the word about services and products that they find and like. Are you going to your favorite restaurant and want to let friends know about it? Pull out your smartphone and “check-in” through Facebook. It’s word-of-mouth promotion magnified by the dozens, hundreds or even thousands.

Social Media Networking has become a vital tool for businesses that want to establish an online presence. Independent businesses to corporations are now using this medium. The term “social media marketing plan” is now a common part of day-to-day business transactions.

he Significance of Social Media Networking

The Internet has become the No. 1 source where people search for services and products, and Social Media and Content Publishing are some of the top tools local businesses are using to connect with potential customers.

Consider these facts from Nielsen:

  • Social networks and blogs are the No. 1 Internet destination, where American’s spend 23% of their time online… Read more

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