How To Use HootSuite & Ping.FM to Publish Your WordPress Blog To All Your Social Media Sites


Let Me Set The Scene…

I love blogging. But, I don’t want to spend time updating all my social media sites every time I write on my blog. I just want to focus on my blog and create awesome content. But what’s the point of great content if people don’t find my blog? Argh! The dilemma. What can I do?

Enter HootSuite and Ping.FM to the Rescue.

Ping.FM allows you to notify up to 42 social media sites about your status updates, micro blog updates or blog posts. See my previous post about how to use Ping.FM like a social media ninja!

Now, with Hootsuite integration, you can have more control over your content updates AND you can track click statistics with Hootsuite’s built in analytics.

Setting It All Up

First, log into your Ping.FM account. Then go to www.Ping.FM/key and get your Ping.FM API Key.

Now, log in to your Hootsuite account. Add a new network and select Ping.FM.. Read more


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