How multi-level marketing cheats at all level

By Parul Malik, CNN-IBN:

Is it possible that network marketing firms are flocking to India because they are just not wanted elsewhere? CNN-IBN found that the British Government has sued Amway for unethical practices., China banned all forms network marketing in 1998, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Australia have also tightened the noose.

But in India, MLMs have managed to skirt between the legal loopholes.

While ads promise exaggerated incomes make claims in magazines and newspapers, not everybody’s dreams come true.

Case Study 1: Santoshamma

Santoshamma is one of them. She ploughed her dead husband’s monthly pension of Rs 2,000 into an MLM dream floated by Quantum International Pvt Ltd, even paying the enrolment fees for those she recruited.

“I lined up 15 members, I persuaded them. I even paid on their behalf. But nothing came of it. I lost Rs 40,000 rupees, I got nothing. I am a Christian. I have these Sri Yantras. I bought four Sri Yantras. They cost Rs 8,000,” she says… Read more


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